Lucas Technical Services LLCServing Milwaukee businesses and residents since 1998.

Serving Milwaukee businesses and residents since 1998.

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My name is Ryan Lucas, and I am the owner of Lucas Technical Services. I started this company in 1998. My education includes a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Concordia University WI.

My corporate experience ranges from small family owned businesses to larger fortune 500 companies. I also have experience working in secure environments such as banks, jewelers and private companies.

I have assisted people from all backgrounds, cultures, and skill levels. I have the patience to work with those that have no computer skills and I can simplify what often seems complicated.

My office is located in my home vs the retail environments my competitors have. By doing this, I have low overhead costs, and can pass the savings onto you. I can also book appointments with you much quicker. While some retail based businesses will have your computer in their possession for weeks at a time, I can have your system fixed and ready within days, and in some cases hours.

I make it my duty to make technology work for you, regardless of your requirements, amount of asset, and experience. I have the patience to work with you and help you to achieve your technology goals.